Blog Post The OSCAR’s – A year in the Making!

The OSCAR’s – A year in the Making!



The OSCAR’s – A year in the Making!

And what a Journey it has been!!

Almost a year later having been approached by Neil Whitfield – the like minded, passionate about skills development & deployment genius, to join forces to extend his Construction Sector OSCAR® solution to the ‘rest of the world’ – well, we have arrived!!

To date – Neil has grown from strength to strength within the Construction sector delivering this unique method of accreditation & recognising outstanding skill sets, now working together as Venture Partners, we are able to extend this methodology across any sector & curriculum, in the UK & Internationally.

We believed there to be a ‘gap’ or shortfall between Academic qualifications, NVQ’s, VT’s, QCF’s in being able to, in effect, join the dots in candidates being able to shout out to the rest of the world “Hey!! I’m brilliant at this”!!  A combination of individuals having:-

  • One or the other or none at all
  • The lack of affordability to attain
  • The Lack of opportunity
  • Nothing that matched the job/skill in hand
  • De-motivational & cumbersome paths to attainment
  • Traditional qualifications not keeping up with new products & services
  • New Innovations or fast moving Technology

The lack of these ‘awards’ by no stretch of reality means that our people cannot do the job in hand to a high standard, yet, leaving those with highly competent skill sets without a standard benchmark of a ‘certificate’ – out of the ‘limelight’.

So how did we do it?  Both companies already having spent years in their fields of expertise with high level curriculum & NVQ qualified trainers assessors as standard, we worked together on the basis of pulling the zillions of curriculums together in devising 4 generic focus Guardians to accommodate these:- Construction > Technology > Health & Wellbeing > Professional Management

We needed already established, forward thinking movers, groovers & culture shakers who are UK & Internationally recognised cross sector providers to pick up the gauntlets & spearhead being the first of these ‘umbrella’ AC’s – Approved Centres.

We needed a slick, fully inclusive communication process, digitised ‘paperwork’ – simplified to the extent that ‘no training is required’ for Candidates, Companies, Assessors & Providers, with zero Tech barriers, including hardware.

We needed a mechanism to tell the world, unfettered, tamper free, without dispute, who, what in, where, when, which individuals gained their OSCAR© – thus without question, speeding up the recruitment, development, sales & growth paths for key decision makers and end consumers.

We did it!!! Let us show you how?

Being fanatics in continual quality improvement, coining phrases – “How do the Best Get Better” and “Success can breed complacency the world is advancing, we must advance with it” this whole process & delivery will continually develop with your help. Be the first and join us in our baby steps in bringing back & drumming up motivational drivers and going to work to live AND ENJOY IT and not to live to work – barhumbug stuff!!

So if you are ready to raise the bar whether a Candidate, a Company, a Trainer/Assessor or would like further information in how to achieve, deliver & recognise your people – check out our overview document HERE.

Remember “it’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know that counts”

If you can do it, prove it and OSCAR© it!

Don’t be shy, we know you want to shine – Make an Enquiry

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