I already have an NVQ, why do I need an OSCAR?

You don’t – The key focus of OSCAR® is designed to provide bespoke Assessment and Accreditation in real live working environments in partnership with key stakeholders for specialist sectors to help to support, develop existing and new clients, whilst recognising the ‘needs’ of those delivering their skill sets. They can used independently of any other recognition or add value hand in hand.

  • Candidates: In the absence of any other formal qualifications, recognition to core skills sets. Adding value alongside qualifications gained, continued competency of execution in the field. Credibility, National recognition, kudos & highly motivational
  • Organisations: It ensures that relevant, affordable and accessible accreditations are available to address the skills shortage within any sector.
  • Clients: Assurance that the skills deployed are relevant, current & competent.
  • Suppliers: Continuity of quality supply, easy confirmation of existing & current skills provision from the National Register

How long does a Certificate last for?

Competency Certificate Expiry dates are set & driven by the Organisation & the specific skill deployed – the whole point of these are to ensure that skills are up to date & current, awarding companies & allow for changes in environment, legislation, H&S, technology, new products & services, so they can ‘expire’ from 6 months plus.

Who pays for Certificates?

This is entirely up to the organisation accrediting the skill – Costs of Certificates & ID Badges are nationally set and are the same regardless of what is being assessed. Some organisations absorb these costs as part of their own strategies, some co-fund, in general most relay the cost directly to the Candidate.

Why is there a charge?

The charge levied to main administration, records & indexing, upkeep of the framework, maintenance of digital platforms & National Register.

How long does it take to receive Certification & be placed on the National Register after assessment?

Upon receiving all relevant material from the Assessing Organisation, normally 2 – 4wks.

Where in the evaluation of Qualifications does the Oscars stand, i.e. above/below equivalent to say NVQs etc.

The OSCAR’s are aligned to the very same National Occupational Standards that NVQ’s are derived from and are accepted certainly in the construction. Insulation sectors as proof of competence by UKAS Certification Body Stroma. Unlike NVQ’s these are assessed to demonstrate contained competency.

Where are the Approved National Centres or Regional centres to be found around the UK?

We currently have 4 Guardians of the Standard – Construction, Professional Management, and Health & Wellbeing & Technology. All Specialist Approved Centres can be found by contacting each of the relevant Guardians or by using the main OSCAR® contact link.

How long does it take to become an Approved Centre?

Assuming that all OSCAR® criteria is met, respective licenses and fees paid, between 4-6wks.

Can I use my own brand on Certificates & ID Badges?

Yes – These will contain your logo, the Guardian Sector, Organisation and the name of the Accredited Skill. Here is a sample ID Card.

Organisations - Do I need to be an Approved Centre to offer Accreditation to my employees, service workers & associates?

No – You need to supply your competent person assessor/trainer details to the appropriate OSCAR® Guardian along with the criteria for assessment and pay only for Certification. Or we can undertake external bespoke assessments, regional costs apply –these vary from £350 – £550 per day for up to a maximum of 8 Candidates per day – depending on the skill being assessed.

My organisation has skills that need recognition and have no structured training criteria or assessment plans, what do I do?

We can help you ‘write’ them – contact us here to be assigned relevant Centre

Do my Assessors need a training qualification?

No – They must however provide evidence that they are fully competent in the skills that they are assessing.

In being an approved Centre who pays for the Assessor/Trainers time?

That is up to the organisation – no charges are applied or shared with OSCAR® This charge is levied & retained by each Centre or absorbed depending on the Centres business model.

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