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What is an OSCAR?

The unique OSCAR® (On Site Competency Assessment Report) is a recognised and is the preferred choice for leading UKAS Certification Bodies with proof of competency, being a requirement within the PAS2030-17 specification.

Having demonstrated and helped many Organisations to achieve certification within (some eamples) the Construction Sector, as a widely accepted as proof of client competence and skill quality assurance, this Recognition has now extended to support all curriculums & skill sets on a National & International level.

Combining the knowledge, qualifications and experience gained within many sectors across many disciplines, being assessed against approved criteria gives the scheme a distinct advantage:-

The key focus of OSCAR® is designed to provide bespoke Assessment and Accreditation in real live working environments in partnership with key stakeholders for specialist sectors to help to support, develop existing and new clients, whilst recognising the ‘needs’ of those delivering their skill sets.

What is an Approved Centre?

There are currently two Sector Providers:-

Sector Provider Brands take ownership of GDPR, Approvals, Maintenance of Quality Assurance Provisions (QAP) and Service Level Agreements (SLA) with Trainers & Assessors. Organisations wishing to Brand a specific sector outside of the sub-divisions listed, ask us how to become an Approved Centre, associated costs and responsibilities HERE.

How do they work?

Working closely with many organisations enables the provision of specific training advice and guidance to clients, ensuring that they are best placed to fulfil actual competence requirements.

Course Development – All course material developed by an organisation must be submitted to OSCAR® Approved Centres for validation pre-assessment.

Initial Assessment – All Learners must comply with the eligibility requirements of OSCAR®

Organisations supply OSCAR® Approved Centre with evidence of the following:-

  • The Learner exists
  • The Learner has a contract of employment.
  • The Learner is in receipt of minimum wage.
  • The training and development is relevant to the employees

Solopreneur or Self Employed or Sub Contractors

At some point, individuals would have completed some form of relevant product or application training, supported with completion and/or attainment certificates, this evidence along with a CV and/or witness testimony from client/trainer is required.

All Learners/ Assessment candidates shall complete OSCAR® paperwork – paper based or digital.

Recognising Experience

Accreditation for Prior Learning (APL) – must be provided to ensure that the Learners experience is taken into full account when completing all documents.

Health & Safety

Learners Employers

Course Assessment & Delivery

The delivery date will be established by the Employer and the Associate and accepted by all parties to be recognised to be correct.

Equality of Opportunity

The Associate shall not unlawfully discriminate within the meaning and scope of the provisions of the following:

Equality Act 2010 which includes and supersedes the below

The Associate shall take all reasonable steps to ensure they observe these provisions. Learners are inducted and informed of the above during induction and ongoing throughout the process.


Centre Approval Assessment – 2yr Renewal £795.00*
Candidate Enrolment £55.00
Certification £145.00
ID Cards (optional) £25.00
Replacement Certificate (electronic) £15.00
Replacement Certificate (hard copy) £25.00

*Centre Approval includes:

All Evidence will be held at the corresponding Approved Centres

The Associates/Assessors ensure all ongoing documentation which reflects the Learners journey from initial engagement to exit is submitted to the OSCAR® Approved Centre. This evidence if appropriate to the award MUST accompany payment for Certificate.

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