Rent-A-Skill © When you need someone readily available

There must have been many a time when you’ve heard the expression:

“If only someone was readily available to help us out.

It could be that your organisation, or company, is suddenly hit by a crisis – sickness, deadlines, sudden demand, or lack of a particular skill. An immediate cost effective solution is required with no long-term commitments, no hidden overheads, and no caveats.

Profile has that solution. Profile is positioned to quickly source and offer that particular skill base you so urgently require. Charges are straight forward as they are on an hourly basis and naturally, dependent on location. The real advantage of Profile’s charging structure is that the rates are based on the skill provided, not on the worth of the skill provider.

Once alerted, Profile will respond with immediacy to your request for that particular skill by sourcing the requirement from Profile’s own qualified employees who can offer that vital commercial and professional expertise. Profile’s employees are not temps, casuals, nor sub-contractors; Profile merely shares their skill base. It is known as a Group Service. There are no recruitment fees, no activation fees, no minimum charges, and no commitment to long-term contracts. Billing is done on an hourly basis and can be as little as £19.00/hour – Travel time is an additional charge.

Some of the skills that can be provided are:

Our Accreditations

Quality Management Systems ISO 9001

Sefton & Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

OSCAR Assessment

Oxford Cambridge & RSA Accredited Partner