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Are you seeking a solution as to how your business can achieve what you really want? Are you worried that your business teams are not focused on maximising output?

Build a Better Business

This example is one of many of Profile’s development courses.  This intensive two-day Building a Better Business programme, written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, may offer that elusive cost-effective solution. PROFILE has devised a programme delivered by a small business for the small business. PROFILE is a small business that has achieved ISO plus IIP accreditation and has 15 years real practical Public and private sector expertise in improving people and business performance.

Profile programme includes, not only action planning to implement in the workplace, but also and most importantly, a later two-hour evaluation for off-site review and feedback. Our programme is spread over two full days which can split to suit your needs into  four modules, classroom based, one-to-one or digital remote covering flexible topics such as:

  • Time Management
  • Delegation
  • Empowerment
  • Motivation
  • Performance Management
  • Appraisal Skills

Profile suggests that its Building a Better Business programme be compulsory for:

  • Entrepreneurs whose businesses are encountering growth and change.
  • Newly promoted managers, supervisors and team leaders with responsibility for managing others.
  • Businesses, departments and organisations seeking quality, value add and continuous improvement.

The programme is run as an interactive workshop including electronic and personal presentations, role play sessions – all of which is supported by a personalised workbook and reference manual. The programme is fine tuned to attendee’s requirements and could for example include role play sessions such as:

  • Appraisal of a frustrated high flyer
  • Adjudication on a grievance submission for a missed promotion
  • Enforcement of disciplinary procedures for poor timekeeping

The programme objectives are for you to learn and experience:

  • Time management – tackling procrastination, ensuring completion, solutions for time stealers, tips for prime time and desk management.
  • Delegation – definition, methodologies, techniques, styles, standard and objective settings, dealing with incomplete or inadequate work.
  • Motivation – motivators the right form, management and team leader styles, situational leadership models, team building and problem solving
  • Appraisal skills – carrying out an effective appraisal interview, identifying skills & competence, identifying employee strengths and areas for improvement, setting objectives and measuring performance, practical implementation.
  • Essentials – IIP and ISO accreditation

Cost per day for Building a Better Business is only £595.00 for up to 5 Delegates

Ask us about our regional funding which can contribute up to 70% of the costs for this and many more.  For larger groups P.O.A  funding is drectly calculated to number of delegates per develepment day devlivered  Apply here takes 2 mins to complete.    
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Our Accreditations

Quality Management Systems ISO 9001

Sefton & Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

OSCAR Assessment

Oxford Cambridge & RSA Accredited Partner