The Audit App

Introducing the Audit App

Welcome to The Audit Application – After 25 years experience working within the performance management arena and the lead developers of the e-MASTER© software, Profile has now released a real-time contract assembly platform that increases productivity and reduces operational expenditure. A unique product designed to replace any of those excessive paper-based, mandatory, regulatory and whilst necessary, all consuming form filling processes within our sector.

A field assessment solution in performance monitoring, evidence collection, quality audit trails, assessments, HR management, training, appraisals, surveys and communications, Profile has responded strategically by developing The Audit App to use stand alone and independently of any other system or as an evidence gathering tool in conjunction with e-MASTER©.

Born from our own journey in search of excellence and improving organisational performance – this stunning Application has enabled us to cut through costly downtime, focus on real commercial issues and get on with the job.

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Our Accreditations

Quality Management Systems ISO 9001

Sefton & Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

OSCAR Assessment

Oxford Cambridge & RSA Accredited Partner